Improving poor marketing results


If your marketing efforts aren’t returning the results you thought they would, there’s a good chance you face some of the common problems we’ve listed below. Running a business is tough, and many companies tend to get wound up in dealing with other issues and letting the self promotion/ marketing of their own business slip. This is where many of these issues arise. When you identify the cause of poor marketing results, it is a huge step forward to resolve the issue and getting back on track.

Are you facing any of these issues with your marketing?

Not maintaining marketing efforts.

Probably the most common cause for poor marketing results. Many businesses are are quite infrequent with their marketing efforts. Instead of keeping to a set marketing plan they tend to do a bit of marketing here and there, basically, whenever there’s some spare time. Having an in place marketing plan can be a very effective way of resolving poor marketing results. The most simple of marketing plans can keep you on schedule and, keep the customers coming through the door.

Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone.

Many business are still afraid to try new things and are missing out on a huge area where your target market may be present. Social media is one of the more common areas in this regard. The amount of companies taking social media on board is still low, however a huge percentage of customers are using it, leaving your competitors free to pick up the business that you’re missing out on.

Not taking the time to build relationships.

Another big cause of poor marketing results is forgetting that building solid relationships with your current customers can increase referrals and word of mouth – still one of the strongest forms of marketing out there. Traditional networking and online networking can be a huge advantage to your businesses. Through that beginning one-to-one connection, building these strong relationships will lead to new relationships and so on.

Be diverse.

You shouldn’t be relying on just one form of marketing. With so many marketing tools available, you should be taking advantage of as many as possible. Otherwise, you can become way too vulnerable and be left behind by your competitors. Implementing multiple marketing tools will allow you to see which works best and means the impact you would have felt by of one of these becoming less effective is reduced.

Time for an update?

If you’ve been using the same marketing materials for a long time, with no change, it’s time for an update. A brand refresh is often a good way to re-engage your customers and start getting attention. Running the same ad year after year and having a website with the same content as when you first launched are some perfect examples. You should always be updating content and marketing materials, keep it fresh and it will keep the customers coming. You don’t need to do a complete rebrand, but a little facelift, some new content and a fresh new look can make a huge difference.

If you’re company is facing poor marketing results due to some of these issues, call Out Of Bounds today, to discuss what you can do to improve your marketing strategies and get the results you’re after. For more information email or call (08) 9326 8860.

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